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What We're Leaving in 2023: Social Media Edition

Stepping into a new year is a chance to reevaluate our approach to life - but today, we'll stick to social media. Trends in the digital landscape are ever-changing, and it's time to say goodbye to practices that hold us back. As we move into a new year, let's take a closer look at the social media practices we're leaving behind in 2023 to make way for more genuine and impactful content strategies.


This is the year we stop seeing Tiktok watermarks on Instagram reels (and vice versa)! You are harming your growth by leaving them on. Algorithms will not prioritize content bearing another platform's watermark.

You can get around watermarks in a couple of ways. Either construct your content in an editing app like Capcut or use an app like SnapTik and/or SnapInsta to remove the watermarks after posting. Snaptik removes Tiktok watermarks SnapInsta removes Instagram watermarks

Extremley Edited Videos 

Down-to-earth, human, authentic content has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and that trend is still gaining traction. Moving into 2024, we’re leaving behind over-the-top edited transitions. Keep using transitions you can film on your phone, but leave the ones requiring flashy animations behind. The more human your video looks, the better it looks, especially for businesses trying to attract their ideal client. You want people to connect with you on a human level!


I get it - you’re an expert in your field and want to communicate that to your audience. So, when you’re explaining your product or service, you use language specific to your industry. If the average person watching your video has no idea what you’re talking about, then you’ve lost out immediately. You don’t have to stop using those terms entirely, but you should explain them well enough to be understood by the person on the other side of the screen. Clarity is key when it comes to your messaging!


Staying consistent with your social media is hard, especially if you tend to be an inspirationally motivated creator or a busy business owner who just can’t find the time. It is, however, vital to growing on social media. Algorithms love consistency. More importantly, they reward it. Figure out a strategy that works for you. Try creating your content in batches, jotting down content ideas in your notes app to create a content bank, and using scheduling tools so you don’t have to manually post daily.

What it comes down to is that...

When it comes to social media, adaptability is key. By waving goodbye to these outdated practices and embracing authenticity and consistency, we're not just aligning with the current landscape; we're setting ourselves up for growth and meaningful connections.


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