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Instagram Flipside: You Don't Need A Finsta Anymore!

Remember Twitter Circles? Well, Instagram has just given us the Insta equivalent! The Flipside feature might still be in the internal prototype stage, but it aims to give users a dedicated private space within their profiles where they can share more unfiltered and candid personal photos and videos with a select group of friends.

What do you need to know?

Two images of phone screens showing blank Instagram Flipside profiles

It's A Private Sharing Space: Flipside is a designated, private space within your Instagram profile for sharing more intimate, less polished moments.

A Finsta Alternative, Minus the Fuss: Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple accounts! Flipside addresses the concept of "finstas," (alternative, private Instagram accounts where people share unfiltered thoughts and more intimate moments) providing a similar effect without the need for an entirely separate account.

Seamless Transition with a Swipe: Accessing your Flipside is super easy – a simple swipe down on your profile seamlessly transitions you to this private space, allowing for effortless switching between public and private content.

Personalization at Its Finest: Customize your Flipside sharing experience with a unique profile picture, name, and bio that is distinct from your public profile.

Control Your Audience: Maintain the privacy of your content on Flipside by managing your audience. Choose specific friends who have access to this private space, ensuring a more intimate and controlled sharing experience.

Fresh Start Option, New Beginnings: Not feeling your current audience? The "remove everyone" option on Flipside lets you start fresh, curating a new audience for your private content.

Compliance with Community Guidelines: While Flipside allows for more personal sharing, it still adheres strictly to Instagram's community guidelines. Your private space is subject to platform standards and regulations.


Instagram's Flipside introduces an innovative way to share personal content within a private space on your profiles. While it's currently in the prototype stage, the concept reflects Instagram's commitment to adapting to user behaviours and enhancing the social media experience. They're listening to what we want!

This new feature has such interesting possibilities even beyond replacing finstas. For creators and businesses, it could be the opportunity to share exclusive content to followers and build more intimate and engaged communities. We're excited to see how it grows!


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