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How To Write A Bio That Doesn't Suck

If your business bio has funky fonts, super cutesy lingo like, “Hike lover, dog mom, pizza for life," and no optimization, I'm sorry to tell you that your bio sucks.


Your bio is the most important part of your feed! What people read there will determine if they give you a follow or not. Your business bio should be about how you serve your audience, not you personally.

When someone follows you, it happens in a step-by-step progression:

  1. Someone sees your content - it gets put into their feed, gets shared with them, or is on the explore page.

  2. They dig your content and head to your profile to see if you're worth a follow.

  3. What they see on your profile determines whether they follow or click away.

So, how do you write a really good, searchable, optimized bio?

Have a great profile picture.

This should be either your logo or a good, clear photo of you. Reduce visual noise and keep the focus on you by using the Background Remove tool on Canva to make a cutout of you to put on a solid background that is one of your brand colours.

Make sure you're searchable.

There are two places that are searchable in your bio. #1 is your handle - that’s the one with the @ in front of it. It’s your username. #2 is your actual name - the part right under your profile picture. Make sure you add some keywords there with your name.

Keep your audience top of mind.

Your business bio doesn’t need to mention your love of pizza (save that for your personal account). It needs to tell people who you serve and how you serve them, followed by a call to action and a link.

Let's write a new bio!

Line 1: What problem do you solve? What are you here to do?

Line 2: Who are you here to serve? How do you help people? What is your value?

Line 3: Establish expertise and credibility.

Line 4: Call to Action. What do you want people to do next? Join your email list? Make a purchase?

Boom. Done!

Our business accounts should be focused on how we can serve our ideal audience. The cold, hard truth is that when people consider following another account, they're looking at how that account benefits them - not the person behind it.

PS. Funky fonts might look cool, but they're a big no. Changing the font in your Insta bio involves using Unicode characters, which are often not accessible for people who use screen readers. Accessibility is cool, folks!


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